Koh Kong

  • 20-Feb-2017
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Koh Kong

At the heart of Tatai River lies this charming and mystical haven. The beautiful gifts of Mother Nature surrounding our peaceful location inspired us to build this romantic haven. Our place is the birth of inspiration brought upon by Cambodia’s untouched beauty. 

We built this Eco-friendly property to provide consciousness that in a place distant from advancement and technology, going back to basics is one way to appreciate yourself, your loved ones, and life. We wish to offer a relaxing feel, setting your mind and body stress-free from the hustle and bustle of city living.

Tatai Riverfront may be situated at the outskirts of Cambodia, literally amidst the jungle, but you will be captivated by the simple pleasures that this enchanting place has to offer - the serenity of the Tatai River, amazing early morning swim, the mouthwatering freshly prepared meals, the cool breeze of air while watching the extraordinary view of the sunset, the stellar night sky, and a very laid back cabin. Time pass so slow at this part of the world, all the more reason to enjoy Mother Nature to its purest at its best! 


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